The "solar nebula" around T Cha: Olofsson et al. and Huelamo et al. (Olofsson et al.)

Vol. 528
In section 1. Letters

Warm dust resolved in the cold disk around T Chamaeleontis with VLTI/AMBER

by Olofsson et al., A&A 528, L6

A companion candidate in the gap of the T Chamaeleontis transitional disk

by Huelamo et al., A&A 528, L7


Catching planets in the act of formation is the motivation driving many studies of the disks around young T Tauri stars. The studies by Olofsson et al. and by Huelamo et al. of the "solar nebula" surrounding T Cha that are highlighted in this volume are an example of how progress in this direction is being made. Olofsson et al. have used AMBER VLTI observations to prove that there is an optically thick inner ring at a distance of roughly 0.1 AU from the star and a "gap" at larger radii (out to 7.5 AU) that generally agrees with earlier work. Huelamo et al. used adaptive optics at 3.8 microns with the VLT to show evidence for a companion at 6.7 AU. The candidate companion is intriguingly red, which suggests that it is enshrouded in dust and very young.

Figure taken from Olofsson et al.