Highlight: The first WASP public data release (vol. 520)

Vol. 520In section 1. Letters to the Editor8 october 2010

The first WASP public data release

by O. W. Butters, R. G. West, D. R. Anderson, et al., A&A 520, L10 alt

The WASP (Wide Angle Search for Planets) project is an exoplanet transit survey that has been automatically taking wide field images since 2004. Two instruments, one in La Palma and the other in South Africa, continually monitor the night sky, building up light curves for millions of unique objects. These light curves are used to search for the characteristics of exoplanetary transits and offer a strong potential interest for stellar variability studies. The first public data release of the WASP archive contains 3 631 972 raw images and 17 970 937 light curves.