Highlight: Gass: The Parkes Galactic All-Sky Survey. II [...] (vol. 521)

Vol. 521In section 14. Catalogs and data14 October 2010

Gass: The Parkes Galactic all-sky survey. II. Stray-radiation correction and second data release

by P.M.W. Kalberla, N.M. McClure-Griffiths, D.J. Pisano, et al., A&A 521, A17 alt

An accurate knowledge of the 21 cm line distribution on the sky is needed for a vast variety of applications, including maps of the cosmic background, X-ray studies, and of course interstellar medium kinematics. It is thus very interesting that the second data release of the Parkes all sky HI survey has become available as announced in the article by Kalberla et al. highlighted in this issue. This should be the most accurate HI survey of the southern sky so far.