Highlight: CoRoT opens a new era in hot B subdwarf asteroseismology (vol. 516)

Vol. 516In section 1. Letters to the Editor22 June 2010

CoRoT opens a new era in hot B subdwarf asteroseismology. Detection of multiple g-mode oscillations in KPD 0629-0016

by S. Charpinet, E.M. Green, A. Baglin, et al., A&A 516, L6 alt

The CoRoT photometric observations of KPD 0629–0016 reported here demonstrate that g-mode sdB pulsators have rich oscillation spectra accessible to current space-based facilities able to obtain precise and continuous time series data. Following 24 days of high-quality, nearly continuous photometry, the authors detect a large number of g-mode pulsations in KPD 0629–0016, with 17 clearly identified frequencies in addition to 7 more uncertain peaks. the frequencies of all uncovered g-modes have, for the first time, been measured reliably. The oscillations, found in the 90 to 400 muHz frequency range with a dominant mode at 205.29 muHz, are typical of mid-radial order g-mode pulsations. This study paves the way for a detailed asteroseismic analysis.