Highlight:Radiative hydrodynamics simulations of red supergiant stars. II (vol. 515)

Vol. 515In section 8. Stellar atmospheres28 May 2010

Radiative hydrodynamics simulations of red supergiant stars. II. Simulations of convection on Betelgeuse match interferometric observations

by A. Chiavassa, X. Haubois, J. S. Young, B. Plez, E. Josselin, G. Perrin, and B. Freytag, A&A 515, A12

This manuscript presents new comparisons of 3D radiative-hydrodynamic simulations and has derived intensity maps to a number of recent interferometric observations of Betelgeuse. This work improves our understanding of the surface properties, in particular the granulation pattern and the large-scale structure of Betelgeuse, as well as the utility and accuracy of the models.