Highlights - 12 February 2010 (vol. 510)


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12 February 2010 (vol. 510)


In section 1. Letters

“Evidence for a thick disk rotation-metallicity correlation”, by A. Spagna, M.G. Lattanzi, P. Re Fiorentin, and R.L. Smart, A&A 510, L4

Thick disks have been observed in both our Galaxy and many other disk galaxies. They represent the frozen relics of the first phases of disk galaxy formation. While many scenarii have been proposed for the formation of this component, its origin remains unclear. In this Letter, the authors present new results for the vertical rotation gradient and, for the first time, evidence of a metallicity-rotation correlation in the thick disk stellar population. These results provide strong constraints on the thick disk origin.  


In section 6. Interstellar and circumstellar matter

“New 3D gas density maps of NaI and CaII interstellar absorption within 300 pc”, by B.Y. Welsh, R. Lallement, J-L Vergely, and S. Raimond, A&A 510, A54

A&A Press release: Astronomy & Astrophysics is publishing new 3D maps of the interstellar gas in the local area around our Sun. A French-American team of astronomers presents new absorption measurements towards more than 1800 stars. They were able to characterize the properties of the interstellar gas within each sight line. Read the press release.  


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