Highlights - Volume 479-1 (February III 2008)

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HIGHLIGHTS: this week in A&A

Volume 479-1 (February III 2008)


In section 9. The Sun

“The signature of chromospheric heating in CA II H spectra”, by C. Beck, W. Schmidt, R. Rezaei, and W. Rammacher, A&A 479, p. 213

This paper addresses the longstanding problem of the heating of the chromosphere. The authors studied data from the spectro-polarimeter POLIS at the solar Vacuum Tower Telescope in Tenerife and found observational evidence of propagating acoustic waves and signatures for the existence of shocks. They showed that these are the dominant driver of the emission observed in the core of the prominent Ca II H line. While the magnetic field influences this energy deposition, it is not directly responsible for the heating. These results are important for a better understanding of how the chromospheres of our Sun and other cool stars are heated.  


In section 6. Interstellar and circumstellar matter

“Galactic planetary nebulae and their central stars.II. Proper motions”, by F. Kerber, R.P. Mignani, R.L. Smart, and A. Wicenec, A&A 479, p. 155

This article uses the Vizier database to provide a new compilation of proper motion data for planetary nebulae and their central stars. This is important input for studies of PN kinematics in the Galaxy.  


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