Highlights - Volume 477-2 (January II 2008)

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HIGHLIGHTS: this week in A&A

Volume 477-2 (January II 2008)


In section 9. The Sun

“Dynamics of plasmoids formed by the current sheet tearing”, by M. Barta, B. Vrsnak, and M. Karlicky, A&A 477, p. 649

This is a concise paper describing the numerical model of a current sheet region during a flare on the Sun and the dynamics of the resulting plasmoid.  


In section 6. Interstellar and circumstellar matter

“A SCUBA survey of bright-rimmed clouds”, by L.K. Morgan, M.A. Thompson, J.S. Urquhart, and G.J. White, A&A 477, p. 557

The SCUBA survey of bright-rimmed clouds presented by Morgan et al. in this issue will be an important input for studies of triggered star formation. The authors have found 47 dense cores within 44 bright-rimmed clouds and show that, in general, these clouds are associated with star formation and that the strength of the radiation field may have a strong influence on the evolution of these regions.  


In section 2. Astrophysical processes

“Calculation of the energetic neutral atom flux from a 3D time-dependent model heliosphere”, by O. Sternal, H. Fichtner, and K. Scherer, A&A 477, p. 365

This paper predicts the time-dependent flux of energetic neutral atoms in the heliosphere, which is especially interesting for the IBEX mission (Interstellar Boundary Explorer) scheduled to be launched in June 2008.  



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