Highlights - Volume 474-1 (October IV 2007)

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HIGHLIGHTS: this week in A&A

Volume 474-1 (October IV 2007)


Simulations of solar pores

Radiative magnetohydrodynamic simulations of solar pores”, by R. Cameron, M. Schussler, A. Vögler, and V. Zakharov, A&A 474, p. 261

Solar pores are a kind of small sunspot without a penumbra. This paper describes a first exploratory simulation of such a structure in a 3D MHD simulation accounting for radiative transfer. Therefore this sets a landmark towards the goal of finally understanding a whole sunspot.



Star-gas decoupling and dwarf galaxy formation

Star-gas decoupling and a non-rotating stellar core in He 2-10. Integral field spectroscopy with FLAMES/ARGUS”, by T. Marquart, K. Fathi, G. Östlin, N. Bergvall, R. Cumming, and P. Amram, A&A 473, p. L9

This is a 2D spectroscopic study of the merger-remnant dwarf galaxy He2-10 with FLAMES/VLT. It shows that the gas and stellar kinematics are decoupled. Although there is evidence of rotation in the gas, the stars are not rotating; they are instead only sustained by velocity dispersions, as in elliptical galaxies. The authors suggest that the object will become a nucleated dwarf elliptical. This object is therefore a prototypical example, highlighting the scenarios of dwarf galaxies formation.



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