Highlights - Volume 472-3 (September IV 2007)

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HIGHLIGHTS: this week in A&A

Volume 472-3 (September IV 2007)


Relationship between G-band bright points and magnetic structures: new observations

Relationships between magnetic foot points and G-band bright structures”, by R. Ishikawa, S. Tsuneta, Y. Kitakoshi, Y. Katsukawa, J. A. Bonet, S. Vargas Dominguez, L.H.M. Rouppe van der Voort, Y. Sakamoto, and T. Ebisuzaki, et al., A&A 472, p. 911

This paper presents superb new observations of the magnetic field’s fine structure and of the intensity in the G-band. It also presents new findings regarding the spatial distribution of G-band bright points with respect to their surrounding “magnetic islands”.



Migration and long-term orbital evolution of the protoplanets

On the migration of protoplanets embedded in circumbinary disks”, by A. Pierens and R.P. Nelson, A&A 472, p. 993

The authors present the results of hydrodynamical simulations of low-mass protoplanets embedded in circumbinary accretion disks. In all cases, they find that inward migration of the protoplanet is stopped at the edge of the tidally truncated cavity formed by the binary. Migration is halted in a region of long­term stability, suggesting that low-mass circumbinary planets may be common and that gas giant circumbinary planets should be able to form in circumbinary disks.



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