Highlights - Volume 472-2 (September III 2007)

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HIGHLIGHTS: this week in A&A

Volume 472-2 (September III 2007)


Large-scale picture of the far-UV sky

SPEAR far UV spectral imaging of highly ionized emission from the North Galactic Pole region”, by B.Y. Welsh, J. Edelstein, E. Korpela, et al., A&A 472, p. 509

This paper presents observations of the emission-line intensities from atomic species at various levels of ionization over a large sector of the sky at high Galactic latitudes. This region is interesting since it includes a portion of the North Polar Spur, which shows up brightly in low-energy X-ray emission.



Transits of the nearby hot Neptune GJ 436 b

Detection of transits of the nearby hot Neptune GJ 436 b”, by M. Gillon, F. Pont, B.O. Demory, F. Mallmann, M. Mayor, T. Mazeh, D. Queloz, A. Shporer, S. Udry, and C. Vuissoz, A&A 472, p. L13

This paper reports the first measurement of the radius of a hot Neptune.


In section 10. Planets and planetary systems

“Planet dispersal in binary systems during transient multiple star phases”, by F. Marzari and M. Barbieri, A&A 472, p. 643

This study addresses a major question regarding the orbital survival of planets formed in binary and multiple star systems. It has important implications for both theories of giant planet formation and observational searches for extrasolar planets.  


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