Highlights - Volume 467-1 (May III 2007)

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HIGHLIGHTS: this week in A&A

Volume 467-1 (May III 2007)


Intergalactic star formation in NGC 5291

Polychromatic view of intergalactic star formation in NGC 5291”, by M. Boquien et al. A&A 467, p. 93

In this study of star formation processes in the intergalactic medium of the interacting system NGC 5291, the authors present a multiwavelength view of the system, combining new observations and older ones in the archives.


Comparing photon-dominated region codes

A photon dominated region code comparison study”, by M. Röllig et al. A&A 467, p. 187

This paper is a benchmarking study of ten independent codes used to model the structure of photon-dominated regions (PDRs). The impressive result is that it was possible to eliminate most (though not all) differences between the codes as one sees from this comparison of the pre- and post benchmarking results.


In section 1. Letters

“Thermohaline mixing: a physical mechanism governing the photospheric composition of low-mass giants”, by C. Charbonnel and J.-P. Zahn A&A 467, p. L15

The authors provide stellar evolution models that convincingly demonstrate that so-called thermohaline mixing – a thermal timescale hydrodynamic instability first found in the earth oceans – provides a long sought mixing process beneath the convective envelopes in red giants, which brings the surface abundances of light elements into agreement with observations and avoids overproduction of 3He in the universe.  
In section 9. The Sun

“Reconstruction of solar total irradiance since 1700 from the surface magnetic flux”, by N.A. Krivova et al. A&A 467, p. 335

This paper presents a model for reconstructing the total solar irradiance since 1700, from surface magnetic flux data. This is a new step in our knowledge of long-term changes in the solar irradiation.


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