Earlier years

Earlier issues of A&A are deposited in the official A&A archive maintained at the CDS.
Access to earlier years is via the ADS search tool at the CDS.

Prior to 2001, A&A was published as main Journal (Springer verlag, 1969-2000) and A&A Supplement Series (EDP Sciences, 1980-2000)

A&A Main Journal:

  • 1997-2000: the issues are listed with links to the articles but without search possibility on the Springer Web
  • 1969-1996: there is a link to a Springer-internal ADS-like search tool.

A&A Supplement Series:

  • 1996-2000: these years are indexed on the EDP Sciences Web site.
  • 1980-1995: Direct link to the ADS data base and ADS search tools.