e-Access Registration Form

The access to the online edition of the following journals is restricted to subscribers of the electronic edition (either Electronic subscription or Print+Electronic subscription).

Subscribers of the electronic edition are granted:

  • electronic access to the current issue and all back issues during the year of subscription (except for Revue d'Orthopédie Dento-Faciale: current year + recent archive),
  • electronic access to the issues of the year of subscription, after the year(s) of subscription.

Subscribers to the electronic version are required to sign and return the EDP Sciences' Electronic Journals Access License, available in PDF format.

Users should be aware that filling out this registration form does NOT account for an order.

Important: When ordering through an agent or a vendor, the following information should appear on the registration form: name of the agent, exact delivery address, exact final address (name of the end user), customer number.

Note for vendors: this registration form must be enclosed with your order if your client requests online access.

Cancellation of any subscription will automatically annul access to the online version.