Editorial: Editorship and peer-review at A&A (June 2004)

Claude Bertout (Editor-in-Chief) and Peter Schneider (Letters Editor)

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See table of contents of the relevant issue (420-3)

Abstract. We present an overview of current issues involved in editing Astronomy & Astrophysics, going from the detail of editorial policies and procedures to some more general aspects.

Table of contents of the editorial.

1. Introduction
2. Considering a submission for publication
2.1. Regular papers
2.2. Letters
2.3. Papers describing instruments and observational techniques
2.4. Catalogs and data papers
2.5. Papers on special subjects
3. Some style issues
4. The peer-review process at A&A
4.1. How do we select referees?
4.2. The referee report
4.2.1. Regular papers
4.2.2. Letters
4.2.3. Special A&A Issues
4.3. Possible complications in the peer-review process
4.3.1. Delay in finding a referee
4.3.2. Delay in getting the referee report
4.3.3. Offensive attitude of referee or author
4.3.4. Delay in revising the paper
4.3.5. Some statistics and conclusions
5. Acceptance and publication
5.1. Letters
5.2. Regular papers
5.3. Language editing
5.4. On-line material 5.4.1. Publishing data at the CDS
5.4.2. On-line material
5.5. Page charges
6. Outlook
6.1. Impact factor issues
6.2. Electronic-only publication of A&A?