Tour de force: International PDRs4All team chart Orion Nebula like never before

Credits: NASA/ESA/CSA, E. Dartois, E. Habart, E. Peeters, PDRs4All ERS team

Based on the articles

"PDRs4All. II. JWST's NIR and MIR imaging view of the Orion Nebula", by E. Habart et al.

"PDRs4All. III. JWST's NIR spectroscopic view of the Orion Bar", by E. Peeters et al.

"PDRs4All. IV. An embarrassment of riches: The aromatic infrared bands in the Orion Bar ", by R. Chown et al.

"PDRs4All. V. Modelling the dust evolution across the illuminated edge of the Orion Bar", by M. Elyajouri et al.

"PDRs4All. VI. Probing the photochemical evolution of PAHs in the Orion Bar using machine learning techniques", by S. Pasquini et al.

"PDRs4All. VII. The 3.3 μm aromatic infrared band as a tracer of physical properties of the interstellar medium in galaxies", by I. Schroetter et al.

Published in Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2024, 685, A73, A74, A75, A76, A77 and A78