Statement of the A&A Board of Directors and Editors

The Board of Directors and the Editors of Astronomy & Astrophysics are deeply appalled by and concerned with the recent events in Ukraine where the sovereignty and independence of the country and the freedom and the lives of its citizens are suffering direct and brutal military threat by an act of war from its neighbour.

We condemn this reckless act of aggression by the Russian Federation on independent Ukraine, and ask for an immediate cease-fire. No political narrative can justify the loss of lives of innocent people. All disagreements can and must be solved by diplomatic means rather than bombing.

The Board of Directors and the Editors stand united with our Ukrainian colleagues and all Ukrainian people. Ukraine is part of the A&A community and one of the 27 sponsoring countries of Astronomy & Astrophysics. Ukrainians are fighting to defend the independence of their country and democracy. We appeal to our colleagues worldwide to immediately act and support every effort to help stop the atrocities and help the Ukrainian people.