A&A policy on name changes

A&A embraces open, inclusive, and fair practices that reflect the culture and values of the worldwide community of astronomers. As such, the A&A Board of the Directors, at their June 2021 meeting, has supported a new policy for name changes. The Board recognizes that authors may change their names for many reasons, including gender identity change, marriage or divorce, religious conversion, or purely personal reasons, and supports the best practices put forth by COPE. A&A can and will change names by request from an author in all web versions of the author’s papers and their associated metadata. A&A will not be able to change names on paper-printed articles already disseminated in libraries across the world but it can and will change names on the PDF version of papers produced under the current production contract. Authors that request name changes should contact SAO/NASA ADS to make sure the name change propagates to their databases. A&A recommends that authors register with ORCID, which will identify their work independently of their name. For more details, please see the full EDP author name change policy.