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Analytical insight into dark matter subhalo boost factors for Sommerfeld-enhanced s- and p-wave γ-ray signals

Gaétan Facchinetti, Martin Stref, Thomas Lacroix, et al.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 2023 (02) 004 (2023)

Statistics for dark matter subhalo searches in gamma rays from a kinematically constrained population model: Fermi-LAT-like telescopes

Gaétan Facchinetti, Julien Lavalle and Martin Stref
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Raphaël Errani and Julio F Navarro
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Leptophilic-portal dark matter in the light of AMS-02 positron excess

Sayan Ghosh, Amit Dutta Banik, Eung Jin Chun and Debasish Majumdar
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New minimal, median, and maximal propagation models for dark matter searches with Galactic cosmic rays

Yoann Génolini, Mathieu Boudaud, Marco Cirelli, et al.
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Can tides disrupt cold dark matter subhaloes?

Raphaël Errani and Jorge Peñarrubia
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Homeopathic Dark Matter, or how diluted heavy substances produce high energy cosmic rays

Marco Cirelli, Yann Gouttenoire, Kalliopi Petraki and Filippo Sala
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Theoretical Interpretation of Pass 8 Fermi-LAT e+ + e− Data

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Can AMS-02 discriminate the origin of an anti-proton signal?

Valeria Pettorino, Giorgio Busoni, Andrea De Simone, et al.
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micrOMEGAs_3: A program for calculating dark matter observables

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