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A Computational Investigation into Hydrocarbon Growth on Extraterrestrial Mineral Surfaces toward Understanding the Carbon Discrepancy in Space

Lily A. Clague, Courtney Ennis and Anna L. Garden
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry (2024)

Experimental investigations of diacetylene ice photochemistry in Titan’s atmospheric conditions

Benjamin Fleury, Murthy S. Gudipati and Isabelle Couturier-Tamburelli
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Formation of Two-ring Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons via the Recombination of Benzyl and Propargyl Radicals under the Circumstellar Envelopes Conditions of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars

V. S. Krasnoukhov, P. S. Pivovarov, M. V. Zagidullin, et al.
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Nonadiabatic Dynamics between Valence, Nonvalence, and Continuum Electronic States in a Heteropolycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon

James N. Bull, Cate S. Anstöter, Mark H. Stockett, et al.
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Alternating oligo(o,p-phenylenes) via ruthenium catalyzed diol–diene benzannulation: orthogonality to cross-coupling enables de novo nanographene and PAH construction

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The development of the Space Environment Viability of Organics (SEVO) experiment aboard the Organism/Organic Exposure to Orbital Stresses (O/OREOS) satellite

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Investigation of the Utility of Laser-Secondary Neutral Mass Spectrometry for the Detection of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons in Individual Atmospheric Aerosol Particles

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Search for C2− in Diffuse Clouds

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