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Observation uncertainty effects on the precision of interior planetary parameters

Mykhaylo Plotnykov and Diana Valencia
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 530 (3) 3488 (2024)

TESS and ESPRESSO discover a super-Earth and a mini-Neptune orbiting the K-dwarf TOI-238

A. Suárez Mascareño, V. M. Passegger, J. I. González Hernández, D. J. Armstrong, L. D. Nielsen, C. Lovis, B. Lavie, S. G. Sousa, A. M. Silva, R. Allart, R. Rebolo, F. Pepe, N. C. Santos, S. Cristiani, A. Sozzetti, M. R. Zapatero Osorio, H. M. Tabernero, X. Dumusque, S. Udry, V. Adibekyan, C. Allende Prieto, Y. Alibert, S. C. C. Barros, F. Bouchy, A. Castro-González, et al.
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Density discrepancy between transit-timing variations and radial velocity: Insights from the host star composition

V. Adibekyan, S. G. Sousa, E. Delgado Mena, N. C. Santos, G. Israelian, S. C. C. Barros, Zh. Martirosyan and A. A. Hakobyan
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Machine-learning Inferences of the Interior Structure of Rocky Exoplanets from Bulk Observational Constraints

Yong Zhao, Dongdong Ni and Zibo Liu
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 269 (1) 1 (2023)

An unusually low-density super-Earth transiting the bright early-type M-dwarf GJ 1018 (TOI-244)

A. Castro-González, O. D. S. Demangeon, J. Lillo-Box, C. Lovis, B. Lavie, V. Adibekyan, L. Acuña, M. Deleuil, A. Aguichine, M. R. Zapatero Osorio, H. M. Tabernero, J. Davoult, Y. Alibert, N. Santos, S. G. Sousa, A. Antoniadis-Karnavas, F. Borsa, J. N. Winn, C. Allende Prieto, P. Figueira, J. M. Jenkins, A. Sozzetti, M. Damasso, A. M. Silva, N. Astudillo-Defru, et al.
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Quantitative correlation of refractory elemental abundances between rocky exoplanets and their host stars

Zibo Liu and Dongdong Ni
Astronomy & Astrophysics 674 A137 (2023)

TOI-332 b: a super dense Neptune found deep within the Neptunian desert

Ares Osborn, David J Armstrong, Jorge Fernández Fernández, Henrik Knierim, Vardan Adibekyan, Karen A Collins, Elisa Delgado-Mena, Malcolm Fridlund, João Gomes da Silva, Coel Hellier, David G Jackson, George W King, Jorge Lillo-Box, Rachel A Matson, Elisabeth C Matthews, Nuno C Santos, Sérgio G Sousa, Keivan G Stassun, Thiam-Guan Tan, George R Ricker, Roland Vanderspek, David W Latham, Sara Seager, Joshua N Winn, Jon M Jenkins, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 526 (1) 548 (2023)

Exploring the Sun’s birth radius and the distribution of planet building blocks in the Milky Way galaxy: a multizone Galactic chemical evolution approach

Junichi Baba, Takayuki R Saitoh and Takuji Tsujimoto
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 526 (4) 6088 (2023)

TOI-969: a late-K dwarf with a hot mini-Neptune in the desert and an eccentric cold Jupiter

J. Lillo-Box, D. Gandolfi, D. J. Armstrong, K. A. Collins, L. D. Nielsen, R. Luque, J. Korth, S. G. Sousa, S. N. Quinn, L. Acuña, S. B. Howell, G. Morello, C. Hellier, S. Giacalone, S. Hoyer, K. Stassun, E. Palle, A. Aguichine, O. Mousis, V. Adibekyan, T. Azevedo Silva, D. Barrado, M. Deleuil, J. D. Eastman, A. Fukui, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 669 A109 (2023)

A Chondritic Solar Neighborhood

Isabella L. Trierweiler, Alexandra E. Doyle and Edward D. Young
The Planetary Science Journal 4 (8) 136 (2023)

A low-eccentricity migration pathway for a 13-h-period Earth analogue in a four-planet system

Luisa Maria Serrano, Davide Gandolfi, Alexander J. Mustill, et al.
Nature Astronomy 6 (6) 736 (2022)

A pair of sub-Neptunes transiting the bright K-dwarf TOI-1064 characterized with CHEOPS

Thomas G Wilson, Elisa Goffo, Yann Alibert, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 511 (1) 1043 (2022)

The HD 93963 A transiting system: A 1.04 d super-Earth and a 3.65 d sub-Neptune discovered by TESS and CHEOPS

L. M. Serrano, D. Gandolfi, S. Hoyer, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 667 A1 (2022)

CHEOPS observations of the HD 108236 planetary system: a fifth planet, improved ephemerides, and planetary radii

A. Bonfanti, L. Delrez, M. J. Hooton, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 646 A157 (2021)

A compositional link between rocky exoplanets and their host stars

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K2-111: an old system with two planets in near-resonance†

A Mortier, M R Zapatero Osorio, L Malavolta, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 499 (4) 5004 (2020)

Study of exoplanets by spectroscopic methods

Vladimir E. Panchuk, Yurii Yu. Balega, Valentina G. Klochkova and Mikhail E. Sachkov
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Chemical abundances of 1111 FGK stars from the HARPS-GTO planet search sample

A. R. Costa Silva, E. Delgado Mena and M. Tsantaki
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Chemical fingerprints of formation in rocky super-Earths’ data

Mykhaylo Plotnykov and Diana Valencia
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 499 (1) 932 (2020)

Influence of sub- and super-solar metallicities on the composition of solid planetary building blocks

Bertram Bitsch and Chiara Battistini
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A Statistical Approach to Planetesimal Condensate Composition beyond the Snowline Based on the Carbon-to-oxygen Ratio

G. S. Pekmezci, T. V. Johnson, J. I. Lunine and O. Mousis
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Evolutionary models of cold and low-mass planets: cooling curves, magnitudes, and detectability

Esther F. Linder, Christoph Mordasini, Paul Mollière, et al.
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Enhanced constraints on the interior composition and structure of terrestrial exoplanets

H S Wang, F Liu, T R Ireland, et al.
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Equation of state of iron under core conditions of large rocky exoplanets

Raymond F. Smith, Dayne E. Fratanduono, David G. Braun, et al.
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Compositional Imprints in Density–Distance–Time: A Rocky Composition for Close-in Low-mass Exoplanets from the Location of the Valley of Evaporation

Sheng Jin and Christoph Mordasini
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The Chemical Homogeneity of Sun-like Stars in the Solar Neighborhood

Megan Bedell, Jacob L. Bean, Jorge Meléndez, Lorenzo Spina, Ivan Ramírez, Martin Asplund, Alan Alves-Brito, Leonardo dos Santos, Stefan Dreizler, David Yong, TalaWanda Monroe and Luca Casagrande
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Bayesian analysis of interiors of HD 219134b, Kepler-10b, Kepler-93b, CoRoT-7b, 55 Cnc e, and HD 97658b using stellar abundance proxies

Caroline Dorn, Natalie R. Hinkel and Julia Venturini
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Sun‐like stars unlike the Sun: Clues for chemical anomaliesof cool stars

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Mg/Si Mineralogical Ratio of Low-Mass Planet Hosts. Correction for the NLTE Effects

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Phase transitions in MgSiO3 post-perovskite in super-Earth mantles

Koichiro Umemoto, Renata M. Wentzcovitch, Shunqing Wu, et al.
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Constraining planet structure and composition from stellar chemistry: trends in different stellar populations

N. C. Santos, V. Adibekyan, C. Dorn, et al.
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Exclusion of Stellar Companions to Exoplanet Host Stars

Justin M. Wittrock, Stephen R. Kane, Elliott P. Horch, Steve B. Howell, David R. Ciardi and Mark E. Everett
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Metal-silicate Partitioning and Its Role in Core Formation and Composition on Super-Earths

Laura Schaefer, Stein B. Jacobsen, John L. Remo, M. I. Petaev and Dimitar D. Sasselov
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Chemical Abundances of M-Dwarfs from the Apogee Survey. I. The Exoplanet Hosting Stars Kepler-138 and Kepler-186

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Zero age planetary orbit of gas giant planets revisited: reinforcement of the link with stellar metallicity

R. Pinotti, H. M. Boechat-Roberty and G. F. Porto de Mello
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Behaviour of elements from lithium to europium in stars with and without planets

T. Mishenina, V. Kovtyukh, C. Soubiran and V. Zh. Adibekyan
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Which Type of Planets do We Expect to Observe in the Habitable Zone?

Vardan Adibekyan, Pedro Figueira and Nuno C. Santos
Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres 46 (4) 351 (2016)


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Abundance trend with condensation temperature for stars with different Galactic birth places

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