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Table 1

List of correspondences between the 1FGL and 2PBC catalogues at Galactic latitude |b| > 10°.

1FGL source 1FGL counterpart Type 2PBC source 2PBC counterpart Type Q Code

1FGL J0101.3−7257 SMC gal 2PBC J0102.7−7241 XTE J0103−728 HXB 0.86 n
RX J0104.1−7244 HXB
1FGL J0217.8+7353 1ES 0212+735 bzq 2PBC J0217.4+7349 1ES 0212+735 BZQ 0.47 y
1FGL J0238.3−6132 PKS 0235−618 bzq 2PBC J0238.3−6116 IRAS F02374−6130 G 0.94 n
1FGL J0242.7+0007 RXJ0241.9+0009 () unk 2PBC J0242.7−0000 NGC 1068 Sy2 0.88 n
1FGL J0319.7+4130 NGC 1275 agn 2PBC J0319.7+4129 NGC 1275 BZU 0.41 y
1FGL J0325.0+3403 B2 0321+33B agn 2PBC J0324.7+3409 1H 0323+342 Sy1 0.46 y
1FGL J0334.2+3233 NRAO 140 () bzq 2PBC J0336.5+3219 NRAO 140 BZQ 1.27: y
1FGL J0339.1−1734 PKS 0336−177 agn 2PBC J0339.2−1742 1RXS J033913.4−173553 X 1.49 y
1FGL J0405.6−1309 PKS 0403−13 bzq 2PBC J0405.6−1308 RX J0405.5−1308 BZQ 0.43 y
1FGL J0437.2−4715 PSR J0437−4715 PSR 2PBC J0437.8−4713 RBS 0560 Sy1 n
1FGL J0440.6+2748 B2 0437+27B bzb 2PBC J0440.8+2739 1RXS J044046.9+273948 X 1.38: n
1FGL J0522.8−3632 PKS 0521−36 bzb 2PBC J0523.0−3626 RBS 0644 BZU 1.01 y
1FGL J0531.0+1331 PKS 0528+134 bzq 2PBC J0530.9+1333 PKS 0528+134 BZQ 0.52 y
1FGL J0538.8−4404 PKS 0537−441 bzb 2PBC J0538.9−4406 PKS 0537−441 BZB 0.46 y
1FGL J0539.1−2847 PKS 0537−286 bzq 2PBC J0539.8−2839 PKS 0537−286 BZQ 0.56 y
1FGL J0557.6−3831 CRATES J0558−3838 bzb 2PBC J0558.0−3821 H 0557−385 Sy1 1.21 n
1FGL J0636.1−7521 PKS 0637−75 bzq 2PBC J0635.4−7514 PKS 0637−752 BZQ 0.80 y
1FGL J0710.6+5911 BZB J0710+5908 bzb 2PBC J0710.2+5909 1H 0658+595 BZB 0.58 y
1FGL J0746.6+2548 B2 0743+25 bzq 2PBC J0746.4+2548 87GB 074322.5+255639 BZQ 0.31 y
1FGL J0750.6+1235 PKS 0748+126 bzq 2PBC J0750.6+1231 OI +280 BZQ 0.43 y
1FGL J0806.2+6148 CGRaBS J0805+6144 bzq 2PBC J0805.4+6146 GB6 J0805+6144 BZQ 0.87 y
1FGL J0842.2+7054 4C +71.07 bzq 2PBC J0841.4+7053 S5 0836+71 BZQ 0.37 y
1FGL J0929.4+5000 CGRaBS J0929+5013 () bzb 2PBC J0928.5+4959 0.96 -
2PBC J0930.6+4954 RBS 0782 BZB 1.29: n
1FGL J0949.0+0021 CGRaBS J0948+0022 agn 2PBC J0948.9+0021 RX J0948.8+0022 BZQ 0.27 y
1FGL J0956.5+6938 M 82 sbg 2PBC J0955.7+6941 M 82 IG 0.64 y
1FGL J1048.7+8054 CGRaBS J1044+8054 bzq 2PBC J1044.1+8054 S5 1039+81 BZQ 1.07 y
1FGL J1103.7−2329 CRATES J1103−2329 bzb 2PBC J1103.6−2329 1H 1100−230 BZB 0.37 y
1FGL J1104.4+3812 Mkn 421 bzb 2PBC J1104.4+3813 Mrk 421 BZB 0.41 y
1FGL J1130.2−1447 PKS 1127−14 bzq 2PBC J1130.1−1449 OM −146 BZQ 0.37 y
1FGL J1136.2+6739 BZB J1136+6737 bzb 2PBC J1137.2+6735 RBS 1004 BZB 0.18 y
1FGL J1221.3+3008 B2 1218+30 bzb 2PBC J1221.3+3008 1RXS J122121.7+301041 BZB 0.12 y
1FGL J1222.5+0415 4C +04.42 bzq 2PBC J1222.3+0415 4C 04.42 BZQ 0.62 y
1FGL J1224.7+2121 4C +21.35 bzq 2PBC J1224.8+2122 4C +21.35 BZQ 0.40 y
1FGL J1227.9−4852 2PBC J1228.0−4854 XSS J12270−4859 CV* 0.22 -
1FGL J1229.1+0203 3C 273 bzq 2PBC J1229.1+0202 3C 273 BZQ 0.25 y
1FGL J1256.2−0547 3C 279 BZQ 2PBC J1256.1−0547 3C 279 BZQ 0.37 y
1FGL J1305.4−4928 NGC 4945 agn 2PBC J1305.4−4928 NGC 4945 Sy2 0.10 y
1FGL J1307.0−4030 ESO 323−77 () agn 2PBC J1306.5−4025 ESO 323−77 Sy2 0.74 y
1FGL J1320.1−4007 2PBC J1320.2−4014 0.72 -
1FGL J1325.6−4300 Cen A agn 2PBC J1325.4−4301 Cen A BZU 0.61 y
1FGL J1331.9−0506 PKS 1329−049 bzq 2PBC J1332.0−0510 PKS 1329−049 BZQ 0.91 y
1FGL J1417.8+2541 2E 1415+2557 bzb 2PBC J1417.9+2543 7C 1415+2556 BZB 0.37 y
1FGL J1428.7+4239 1ES 1426+428 bzb 2PBC J1428.6+4239 H 1426+428 BZB 0.58 y
1FGL J1442.8+1158 1ES 1440+122 bzb 2PBC J1442.8+1202 RBS 1420 BZB 0.90 y
1FGL J1512.8−0906 PKS 1510−08 BZQ 2PBC J1512.8−0906 PKS 1510−08 BZQ 0.42 y
1FGL J1517.8−2423 AP Lib bzb 2PBC J1517.7−2419 Ap Lib BZB 0.20 y
1FGL J1555.7+1111 PG 1553+113 bzb 2PBC J1555.5+1109 PG 1553+113 BZB 0.73 y
1FGL J1626.2−2956 PKS 1622−29 bzq 2PBC J1626.0−2952 PKS 1622−29 BZU 0.85 y
1FGL J1642.5+3947 3C 345 () bzq 2PBC J1643.0+3951 4C 39.48 BZQ 1.52 y
1FGL J1653.9+3945 Mkn 501 bzb 2PBC J1653.8+3945 Mrk 501 BZB 1.16 y
1FGL J1829.8+4845 3C 380 agn 2PBC J1829.6+4845 3C 380 BZU 0.24 y
1FGL J1835.3−3255 NGC 6652 glc 2PBC J1835.7−3259 XB 1832−330 LXB 0.80 n
1FGL J1925.2−2919 PKS B1921−293 bzq 2PBC J1924.4−2913 OV −236 BZQ 1.47 y
1FGL J2000.0+6508 1ES 1959+650 bzb 2PBC J1959.8+6509 1ES 1959+650 BZB 1.10 y
1FGL J2011.4−2903 2PBC J2010.8−2910 1.71 -
1FGL J2148.5+0654 4C +06.69 bzq 2PBC J2148.0+0657 4C +06.69 BZQ 0.41 y
1FGL J2202.8+4216 BL Lac bzb 2PBC J2202.7+4217 BL Lac BZB 0.24 y
1FGL J2229.7−0832 PKS 2227−08 bzq 2PBC J2229.6−0831 PKS 2227−08 BZQ 0.65 y
1FGL J2232.5+1144 CTA 102 bzq 2PBC J2232.4+1144 4C +11.69 BZQ 0.11 y
1FGL J2253.9+1608 3C 454.3 BZQ 2PBC J2253.9+1609 3C 454.3 BZQ 0.46 y
1FGL J2327.7+0943 PKS 2325+093 bzq 2PBC J2327.4+0939 PKS J2327+0940 BZQ 1.22 y
1FGL J2359.0−3035 1H 2351−315 bzb 2PBC J2359.1−3035 H 2356−309 BZB 0.28 y

Notes. From Abdo et al. (2010a): gal = normal galaxy; agn = non blazar active galaxy; sbg = starburst galaxy; bzb = BL Lac object; bzq = flat spectrum radio quasar; agu = active galaxy of uncertain type; psr = pulsar; pwn = pulsar wind nebula; spp = potential association with a supernova remnant or a pulsar wind nebula; glc = globular cluster; mqo = microquasar object; hxb = other X-ray binary. Designations in capital letters correspond to firm identifications. From Abdo et al. (2010b): unk = AGN of unknown type. The nomenclature adopted in Cusumano et al. (2010b) is derived from SIMBAD online services, with the exception of blazars: LXB = low mass X-ray binary; HXB = high mass X-ray binary; G = normal galaxy; Sy1 = Seyfert 1 galaxy; Sy2 = Seyfert 2 galaxy; X = X-ray source; IG = interacting galaxy; CV* = cataclismic variable star; PSR = pulsar; V* = variable star; SNR = superNova remnant; gam = gamma-ray source; QSO = Quasi Stellar object. The nomenclature of the BZCAT (Massaro et al. 2009) has been used for blazars: BZB = BL Lac objects; BZQ = flat spectrum radio quasars; BZU = blazars with uncertain classification.

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