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Table 1:

Best-fit results for different models.

FDCUT   NPEX   CompTT $_{\rm fix23}$ CompTT

$N_{\rm H}$e
$4.9_{\rm -0.6}^{+0.6}$   $3.5_{\rm -0.4}^{+0.4}$   $0.0_{\rm -0.0}^{+0.4}$ $0.2_{\rm -0.2}^{+0.5}$
E22b 22.76a   22.76a   22.76a $23.5_{\rm -0.8}^{+1.5}$
$\sigma_{22}$b 1.8a   1.8a   1.8a $4.6_{\rm -1.1}^{+1.9}$
$\tau_{22}$ $0.02_{\rm -0.01}^{+0.01}$   $0.032_{\rm -0.01}^{+0.01}$   $0.05_{\rm -0.01}^{+0.01}$ $0.09_{\rm -0.02}^{+0.04}$
$E_{{\rm cyc}}$b $55.1_{\rm -1.5}^{+1.6}$   $55.2_{\rm -1.5}^{+1.6}$   $52.9_{\rm -1.4}^{+1.7}$ $55.5_{\rm -2.1}^{+2.5}$
$\sigma_{{\rm cyc}}$b $10.4_{\rm -1.0}^{+1.1}$   $11.8_{\rm -1.1}^{+1.2}$   $10.2_{\rm -1.2}^{+1.5}$ $13.3_{\rm -2.0}^{+2.2}$
$\tau_{\rm cyc}$ $0.8_{\rm -0.1}^{+0.1}$   $0.9_{\rm -0.1}^{+0.2}$   $0.6_{\rm -0.1}^{+0.1}$ $0.9_{\rm -0.2}^{+0.3}$
$\Gamma$ $0.73_{\rm -0.06}^{+0.05}$ $\Gamma_1$ $0.16_{\rm -0.03}^{+0.03}$      
$E_{{\rm cut}}$b $16.5_{\rm -2.9}^{+2.5}$ $\Gamma_2$ -2.0 $\tau$ $6.0_{\rm -0.1}^{+0.1}$ $6.0_{\rm -0.2}^{+0.2}$
$E_{{\rm fold}}$b $12.0_{\rm -0.5}^{+0.5}$ A2c $0.16_{\rm -0.02}^{+0.02}$ T0b $1.47_{\rm -0.03}^{+0.02}$ $1.44_{\rm -0.05}^{+0.04}$
    kTb $7.9_{\rm -0.3}^{+0.3}$   $7.2_{\rm -0.2}^{+0.2}$ $7.7_{\rm -0.3}^{+0.4}$
$E_{{\rm Fe}}$b $6.5_{\rm -0.1}^{+0.1}$   $6.45_{\rm -0.08}^{+0.07}$   $6.4_{\rm -0.09}^{+0.02}$ $6.4_{\rm -0.09}^{+0.02}$
$\sigma_{{\rm Fe}}$b ${\le}0.4$   ${\le}0.3$   ${\le}0.3$ ${\le}0.3$
$A_{{\rm Fe}}$d $3_{\rm -1}^{+3}$   $3.2_{\rm -0.7}^{+0.7}$   $2.7_{\rm -0.3}^{+0.3}$ $2.7_{\rm -0.3}^{+0.3}$
$A_{{\rm Cu}}$d $2_{\rm -2}^{+2}$   $1_{\rm -0.3}^{+0.3}$      
$A_{\Gamma,1,\texttt{CompTT}}$c $22_{\rm -1}^{+2}$   $10.7_{\rm -0.7}^{+0.7}$   $10.1_{\rm -0.2}^{+0.2}$ $9.8_{\rm -0.3}^{+0.3}$
$\chi_{{\rm red}/{\rm d.o.f.}}$ 1.04/83   0.85/83   1.08/84 0.72/82

Notes. An emission line (Cu) with energy and width fixed at 8.04 keV and 0.01 keV was added to FDCUT and NPEX models. All models include also an absorption like feature at ${\sim}23$ keV for PCA to account for similar residuals seen in Crab spectra (with the line energy and width fixed to those obtained from Crab fits). For CompTT model the $\chi^2$ may be improved by allowing the line parameters to vary (last column).
(a) Parameter frozen during the fit; (b) [keV]; (c) [10-2 ph keV-1 cm-2 s-1]; (d) [10-3 ph cm-2 s-1]; (e) [atoms cm-2].

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