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Table 1:

The results from fitting PCA/HEXTE data with different models.
Model Parameters (units) Time Interval
bbodyrad + $kT_{\rm bb}$ (keV) $ 1.11_{\rm -0.22}^{+0.07}$ $2.84_{\rm -2.84}^{+1.37}$ $1.98_{\rm -0.08}^{+0.05}$
  $N_{\rm bb}$ $38.29_{\rm -5.89}^{+41.76}$ $ 0.44_{\rm -0.44}^{+1.70}$ $ 4.97_{\rm -1.65}^{+1.50}$
cutoffpl $\Gamma $ $1.30_{\rm -0.04}^{+0.04}$ $1.45_{\rm -0.43}^{+0.22}$ $1.89_{\rm -0.14}^{+0.02}$
  $E_{\rm cut}$ (keV) $ 38.51_{\rm -1.90}^{+2.11}$ $4.61_{\rm -1.41}^{+0.65}$ $6.37_{\rm -0.68}^{+0.40}$
  $N_{\rm cutoffpl}$ $ 0.40_{\rm -0.04}^{+0.04}$ $4.65_{\rm -0.60}^{+0.80}$ $4.23_{\rm -0.18}^{+0.13}$
  $\sigma_{\rm Fe}$ (keV) $0.6^{+0.3}_{\rm -0.2}$ 0.7$\pm$0.2 0.8$\pm$0.1
  $N_{\rm Fe}$ 9 $^{+7}_{\rm -2}$ 20$\pm$4 20 $^{+2}_{\rm -3}$
  $\chi^{2}_{\nu}$/d.o.f. 1.17/71 0.83/47 1.10/47
Model Parameters (units) Time Interval
      V VI
bbodyrad + $kT_{\rm bb}$ (keV)     $ 0.72_{\rm -0.06}^{+0.08}$
  $N_{\rm bb}$     $77.32_{\rm -32.72}^{+52.12}$
bkn $\Gamma_{1} $   $ 2.26_{\rm -0.01}^{+0.01}$ $1.85_{\rm -0.02}^{+0.02}$
  $E_{\rm bkn}$(keV)   $12.15_{\rm -1.15}^{+1.27}$ $ 50.98_{\rm -7.43}^{+6.93}$
  $\Gamma_{2} $   $2.14_{\rm -0.04}^{+0.03}$ $2.70_{\rm -0.33}^{+0.46}$
  $N_{\rm bkn}$   $ 0.82_{\rm -0.02}^{+0.02}$ $0.31_{\rm -0.01}^{+0.01}$
  $\sigma_{\rm Fe}$(keV)   0.8$\pm$0.1 0.7$\pm$0.1
  $N_{\rm Fe}$   5.0$\pm$0.5 5.0$\pm$0.6
  $\chi^{2}_{\nu}$/d.o.f.   1.01/72 1.03/70
bbodyrad + $kT_{\rm bb}$ (keV)     $ 0.66_{\rm -0.04}^{+0.04}$
  $N_{\rm bb}$     $330.02_{\rm -70.52}^{+94.04}$
Comptt $kT_{\rm seed}$ (keV)     $1.13_{\rm -0.35}^{+0.11}$
  $kT_{\rm e}$ (keV)     $21.83_{\rm -4.14}^{+4.04}$
  $\tau_{\rm T}$     $1.87_{\rm -0.23}^{+0.29}$
  $N_{\rm comp}$     $0.007_{\rm -0.002}^{+0.001}$
  $\sigma_{\rm Fe}$(keV)     0.7$\pm$0.1
  $N_{\rm Fe}$     5.0$\pm$0.5
  $\chi^{2}_{\nu}$/d.o.f.     1.07/70
Note: All the fits have the iron line fixed at 6.4 keV and absorption at $3.8\times 10^{22}$ atoms/cm2. By putting the source at a distance of 5.4 kpc, the luminosities calculated at 3-30 keV are $19.7\times 10^{36}$ erg/s for time interval II, $24.9\times 10^{36}$ erg/s for time interval III, $17.6\times 10^{36}$ erg/s for time interval IV, $5.7 \times10^{36}$ erg/s for time interval V, $5.6\times10^{36}$ erg/s for time interval VI. $N_{\rm Fe}$ is the iron line normalization in units of 10-3 ph cm-2 s-1. The other normalizations $N_{\rm cutoffpl}$ and $N_{\rm bkn}$ are in units of cm-2 s-1 keV-1. $N_{\rm bb}$ is the black body normalization proportional to the surface area, defined as $R_{\rm km}^{2}/D_{10}^{2}$, where $R_{\rm km}$ is the surface radius in km and D10 is the source distance in 10 kpc.

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