TeX file preparation: TeXnical background information

Download the A&A LaTeX macro package

As the articles for A&A will be available in different formats - one of these is full-text-searchable hyper-text - we strongly suggest you strictly obey the LaTeX conventions.

The A&A document class was derived from the LaTeX2e article.cls based on TEX version 3.141 and LaTeX2e. You may use it with the LaTeX engine or the PDFLaTeX engine. Be sure that the LaTeX version is at least the 2007 version. Hence formulas and text are typed using the standard LaTeX2e commands. The standard sectioning commands are also kept. Using aa.cls with other versions or implementations may cause difficulties. If this is the case, please contact us and we will try to help you.

Please refrain from using any self-made definitions since these will get lost during further conversion of your text. If you use typing abbreviations, "search and replace" them before submitting your article to the publisher.