EDP Sciences
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Volume 581, September 2015
Article Number A80
Number of page(s) 16
Section Astronomical instrumentation
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1051/0004-6361/201525879
Published online 08 September 2015

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Appendix A: Properties of young substellar objects

We report in Table A.1 the properties of the young substellar objects used in Fig. 1.

Table A.1

Physical and atmospheric parameters of the young planetary-mass objects and companions used to investigate the depth of the 1.62 μm methane absorption band.

Appendix B: ASDI patterns using other ADI algorithms

We display in Fig. B.1 the ADI-reduced version of Fig. 3 with the sADI, rADI, PCA, and LOCI algorithms.

thumbnail Fig. B.1

Same as Fig. 11 with sADI (top left panel), rADI (top right panel), LOCI (bottom left panel), and PCA (bottom right panel) processing. The same parameters were used as in Fig. 12. The scaling made use of the bytscl IDL function and is identical in the panels.

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