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The XXL Survey: First results
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A&A, 592 (2016) A1
Published online: 15 June 2016
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1051/0004-6361/201526766
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    Volume 592 (August 2016)(current volume)

    (1) XXL-S field, XMM view. 181 XMM observations (30 arcmin FOV) ~ 10 ks each. 12 000 AGN and 200 galaxy clusters (red circles) are detected in this image (XXL Collaboration, Snowden, S., Facciolo, L. Pacaud F.)
    (See XXL Survey special feature)
    (2) The massive star-forming region NGC 6334 and its filamentary network through ArTéMiS’s eyes at 350 μm (André, Ph., et al., 592, A54)
    (3) Signs of magnetic reconnection in the low quiet solar atmosphere (Rouppe van der Voort, L., et al., 592, A100)
    (4) Calibrating the multiobject mode of JWST/NIRSpec (Dorner, B., et al., 592, A113)

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    Volume 591 (July 2016)

    (1) Dense filaments associated with bubbles (Li, G.-X., et al., 591, A5)
    (2) Three-colour image of the Cygnus OB2 region (HOBYS program Herschel/ESA) (Schneider, N., et al., 591, A40)
    (3) Details of the Lighthouse Nebula revealed by Chandra (Pavan, L., et al., 591, A91)
    (4) Clouds, filaments, and young stars in the Milky Way from Hi-GAL (Molinari, S., et al., 591, A149)

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    Volume 590 (June 2016)

    (1) Regions and structures of the Orion A cloud (Stutz, A. M., & Gould, A., 590, A2)
    (2) Simulated ALMA image of a global 3D MHD simulation (Ruge, J. P., et al., 590, A17)
    (3) Ground-based high-cadence solar spectropolarimetry (Iglesias, F. A., et al., 590, A89)
    (4) Herschel image of the filamentary cloud in Musca (Cox, N. L. J., et al., 590, A110)

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    Volume 589 (May 2016)

    (1) Nanostructured synthetic silicates as cosmic analogs (De Sio, A., et al., 589, A4)
    (2) A giant solar filament recorded piecewise with a spectrograph (Kuckein, C., et al., 589, A84)
    (3) Reflected X-ray emission from the clumpy Sgr B2 (Molaro, M., et al., 589, A88)
    (4) Stellar populations in the cD galaxy NGC 3311 (Barbosa, C. E., et al., 589, A139)