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A near-infrared interferometric survey of debris-disk stars - IV. An unbiased sample of 92 southern stars observed in H band with VLTI/PIONIER

A&A, 570 (2014) A128
Published online: 03 November 2014
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1051/0004-6361/201424438
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    Volume 596 (December 2016)(current volume)

    (1) Magnetic field through the solar atmosphere near a sunspot (strength, inclination, azimuth) with the new solar telescope GREGOR (Joshi, J., et al., 596, A8)
    (2) Photospheric flows of the Sun's supergranulation (Attie, R., et al, A&A, 2016, 596, A15)
    (3) Magnetic field orientation towards the Pipe nebula (Soler, J. D., et al., 2016, A&A, 596, A93)

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    Volume 595 (November 2016)

    (1) Clockwise from top: Gaia DR1 Milky Way panorama, Hertzsprung-Russell diagram based on one million Tycho-Gaia astrometric solution parallaxes, median parallax error as a function of celestial position, and the Gaia DR1 magnitude distribution
    (© ESA/Gaia/DPAC/André Mointinho and Márcia Barros (CENTRA - University of Lisbon))
    (See Gaia Data Release 1)
    (2) Solar radial velocities during partial eclipse (Reiners, A., et al., 595, A26)
    (3) Multiply lensed Lyman-α blob behind Abell S1063 (Caminha, G. B., et al., 2016, A&A, 595, A100)
    (4) New images of circumstellar disks with SPHERE (Ginski, C., et al., 595, A112; Stolker, T., et al., 595, A113; de Boer, J., et al., 595, A114)

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    Volume 594 (October 2016)

    (1) Artistic combination of three Planck maps of polarised emission (synchrotron, dust, and CMB)
    (ESA/C. Carreau)
    (See Planck 2015 results)
    (2) 3D Alfvén-wave driven solar wind simulations inside the inner heliosphere (25-215 R)(Alvarado-Gómez, J., et al., 594, A95)
    (3) HI4PI: A new 21-cm line survey of the Milky Way (HI4PI Collaboration et al., 594, A116)
    (4) Bullet cluster lensing background galaxies (Paraficz, D., et al., 594, A121)

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    Volume 593 (September 2016)

    (1) Arcsec imaging of diffuse Galactic structure (CFHT MegaCam) (Miville-Deschênes, M.-A., et al., 593, A4)
    (2) Asymmetries in an ECSN oxygen deflagration wave (Jones, S., et al., 593, A72)
    (3) NGC 3603 integral field spectroscopy with VLT/MUSE (Kuncarayakti, H., et al., 593, A78)
    (4) Part of the southern hemisphere of comet 67P (El-Maarry, M. R., et al., 593, A110)