EDP Sciences
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Volume 526, February 2011
Article Number A58
Number of page(s) 12
Section The Sun
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1051/0004-6361/201014369
Published online 21 December 2010

Online material

Movie 1 (Access here)

Movie 2 (Access here)

thumbnail Fig. 12

Movie (movie 1) of running difference wavelet-cleaned and -enhanced images of EUVI-B in 171 A for 2008/03/25. The movie spans 24 h, with an average time gap between images of 2.5 min. To highlight the traveling disturbances, we used as base image for each frame the 5th image prior to the corresponding image. Note the apparently ubiquitous existence of outwardly traveling intensity disturbances.

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thumbnail Fig. 13

8 h time-lapse sequence (movie 2) showing the slit position along a given pseudo-open field line nearby NOAA AR 10987 on 2008/03/25 (left), and the corresponding height-time map (right). The moving black line indicates the time position on the height-time map corresponding to the frame on the left.

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