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Volume 428, Number 3, December IV 2004
Page(s) 823 - 835
Section Extragalactic astronomy
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1051/0004-6361:20047091

A&A 428, 823-835 (2004)
DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361:20047091

A new HI catalog of Low Surface Brightness galaxies out to z = 0.1

Tripling the number of massive LSB galaxies known
K. O'Neil1, G. Bothun2, W. van Driel3 and D. Monnier Ragaigne3

1  NRAO, PO Box 2, Green Bank WV 24944, USA
    e-mail: koneil@nrao.edu
2  University of Oregon, Physics Department, Eugene OR, 97402, USA
3  Observatoire de Paris, Section de Meudon GEPI, CNRS UMR 8111 and Université de Paris 7, 5 place Jules Janssen, 92195 Meudon Cedex, France

(Received 16 January 2004 / Accepted 21 June 2004 )

Using both the Arecibo 305 m and the Nançay decimetric 100-m class radio telescopes, we have observed the H I line of 116 Low Surface Brightness (LSB) galaxies from the Bothun et al. (1985) subset of LSB galaxies in the Uppsala General Catalog. The observations had a detection rate of 70%, resulting in the new determination of H I properties for 81 galaxies. Surprisingly, roughly half of the detected objects (38) have $M_{\rm HI} \ge 10^{10}$  $M_\odot$, placing them into the category of massive LSB galaxies. As previously only ~18 of these "Malin 1 cousins" were known, our results have more than tripled the number of these fascinating and enigmatic systems known.

Combining our results with previous studies done on the Bothun et al. catalog results in a well-defined catalog of H I properties of 526 LSB galaxies ranging in redshift space from $0 \le z \le 0.1$. With this catalog in hand, we have been able to explore the parameter space occupied by LSB galaxies more completely than has been previously possible. In agreement with previous studies, our results show LSB galaxies with some of the most extreme properties of disk galaxies, including $M_{\rm HI}$/ $L_{\rm B}$ ratios often exceeding 10  $M_\odot$/ $L_{\odot,\rm B}$.

Key words: galaxies: distances and redshifts -- galaxies: spiral -- galaxies: luminosity function, mass function -- galaxies: fundamental parameters

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