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Article Contents
1 Introduction
2 The distance
3 The system parameters
4 The absolute magnitude at minimum
5 The disk luminosity from IUE and optical data
6 The mass accretion rate
7 The pre-1966-outburst mass accretion rate
8 The theoretical ignition mass and the accreted mass
9 Comparison with the nova models of Yaron et al. (2005)
10 The photometric and spectroscopic history of the outbursts
11 The discrepancy between the mass of the thick shell and the ignition mass
12 The nebula revisited
13 The mass balance and the SNIa connection
14 Neither a supersoft X-ray source, nor assisted suicide
15 The XMM observations
16 The recurrence time and the next, long-awaited outburst
17 Summary and conclusions

List of tables
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