EDP Sciences
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Volume 550, February 2013
Article Number A41
Number of page(s) 15
Section Extragalactic astronomy
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1051/0004-6361/201220392
Published online 23 January 2013

Online material

Appendix A: Available images for more sources

We present in this Appendix the remaining HST images of the sources, which give insight into their morphology.

thumbnail Fig. A.1

Optical red (F814W) HST-ACS images of six more sources. Only S16 is detected in the CO line. Each panel is 5″ × 5″ in size, and is centered on the galaxy coordinates of Table 1. The brightness scale is logarithmic. North is up and east to the left in all panels.

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thumbnail Fig. A.2

Same as in Fig. A.1, except for S18, which is a NICMOS-F160W image. S22 and S30 are detected in CO.

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