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Volume 447, Number 1, February III 2006
Page(s) 205 - 211
Section Galactic structure, stellar clusters and populations
DOI https://doi.org/10.1051/0004-6361:20054036
A&A 447, 205-211 (2006)
DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361:20054036

Radio observations and spectral index study of the SNR G126.2+1.6

W. W. Tian1, 2 and D. A. Leahy2

1  National Astronomical Observatories, CAS, Beijing 100012, PR China
    e-mail: tww@bao.ac.cn
2  Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4, Canada

(Received 11 August 2005 / Accepted 11 October 2005 )

We present new images of the low radio surface brightness Supernova Remnant (SNR) G126.2+1.6, based on the 408 MHz and 1420 MHz continuum emission and the HI-line emission data of the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey (CGPS). We find the SNR's flux densities at 408 MHz ($9.7\pm3.9$ Jy) and 1420 MHz ($6.7\pm2.1$ Jy) which have been corrected for flux densities from compact sources within the SNR. We list properties of the 19 brightest compact sources within G126.2+1.6 at both 408 MHz and 1420 MHz. The integrated flux density based spectral index ( $S_{\nu} \propto \nu ^{-\alpha}$) is $0.30\pm0.41$. The respective T-T plot spectral index is $0.30 \pm0.08$. We also find spatial variations of spectral index within the SNR: 0.2-0.6. HI observations show structures probably associated with the SNR, i.e., features associated with the SNR's southeastern filaments in the radial velocity range of -33 to -42 km s-1, and with its northwestern filaments in -47 to -52 km s-1. This association suggests a distance of 5.6 kpc for SNR G126.2+1.6. The estimated Sedov age for G126.2+1.6 is less than $2.1\times10$5 yr.

Key words: ISM: individual objects: G126.2+1.6 -- ISM: supernova remnants

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