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Volume 422, Number 3, August II 2004
Page(s) 1013 - 1021
Section Stellar structure and evolution
DOI https://doi.org/10.1051/0004-6361:20040253

A&A 422, 1013-1021 (2004)
DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361:20040253

Disentangling component spectra of , a spectroscopic binary with a pulsating primary

I. Improved physical elements and analysis of periodic rapid variations of scalar quantities
P. Harmanec1, 2, K. Uytterhoeven3 and C. Aerts3

1  Astronomical Institute of the Charles University, V Holesovickách 2, 18000 Praha 8, Czech Republic
    e-mail: hec@sunstel.asu.cas.cz
2  Astronomical Institute, Academy of Sciences, 25165 Ondrejov, Czech Republic
3  Instituut voor Sterrenkunde, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Celestijnenlaan 200 B, 3001 Leuven, Belgium

(Received 12 February 2004 / Accepted 11 April 2004)

A new reduction and a new analysis of a rich series of high-S/N spectra of the bright star is carried out to test the technique of spectral disentangling in the case when one of the components is a non-radial oscillator. We improve the orbital elements of the system and find the basic physical properties of the binary to be $T_{\rm eff}$ = 24 500 K, masses of 10.7-11.9  $M_{\odot}$ and 9.6-10.7  $M_{\odot}$ and the primary radius and rotational period of 7-8  $R_{\odot}$ and 3 $^{\rm d}\!\!.$56-3 $^{\rm d}\!\!.$68, respectively. This also implies log  g = 3.70-3.78 [cgs]. KOREL disentangling is applied and we find that it worked properly and was not misled by the complex line-profile variability of the pulsating primary. Moreover, the pulsational frequencies are detected via the period search in the line intensities and radial-velocity residuals of the primary derived by KOREL and in the time series of residual spectra in the rest frame of the primary after KOREL disentangling. This constitutes a much better starting point to interpret the complex pixel-by-pixel variations of the disentangled profiles of the primary in terms of stellar oscillations and/or additional rotational modulation than the original spectra before disentangling.

Key words: stars: binaries: spectroscopic -- stars: oscillations -- line: profiles -- stars: individual:

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