Table 1: Some properties of the initial model: total mass M, stellar population, metal content Z, mass  $M_{\rm He}$ and radius  $R_{\rm He}$ of the helium core ( $X(^{4}{\rm He}) > 0.98$), nuclear energy production in the helium core  $L_{\rm He}$, maximum temperature of the star  $T_{\rm max}$, and radius  $r_{\rm max}$ and density  $\rho _{\rm max}$ at the temperature maximum.
Model M Pop. Z $M_{\rm He}$ $R_{\rm He}$ $L_{\rm He}$ $T_{\rm max}$ $r_{\rm max}$ $\rho _{\rm max}$
  $[\mbox{$M_\odot$ }]$     $[\mbox{$M_\odot$ }]$ $[10^9~{\rm cm}]$ $[10^9~\mbox{$L_\odot$ }]$ $[10^8\mbox{\ K}]$ $[10^8~{\rm cm}]$ [105  g cm-3]
M 1.25 I 0.02 0.47 1.91 1.03 1.70 4.71 3.44

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