Table 2: Physical parameters used to model the PDR of the molecular cloud S140.
Cloud size ($A_{\rm V}$) 20
Proton density ( $n_{\rm H}$) $2 \times 10^{4}~{\rm cm}^{-3}$
Isotropic radiation field (both sides) 1 (Draine)
Additional radiation field source B 0 V Star
Star distance $1.85~{\rm pc}$
Corresponding Habbing factor $\sim$120
Cosmic rays ionization rate per H atom $5\times10^{-17}~{\rm s}^{-1}$
Turbulent velocity dispersion $2 \times 10^{5}~{\rm cm~s}^{-1}$
$R_{\rm V}=A_{\rm V}/E(B-V)$ 3.1
$C_{\rm D} = N_{\element{H}}/E(B-V)$ $5.80 \times 10^{21}~{\rm cm}^{-2}$
Dust albedo 0.42
Diffusion anisotropy factor ( $g= \langle \cos (\theta ) \rangle$) 0.60
Dust to gas mass ratio 0.01
Grain mass density $2.59~{\rm g}~{\rm cm}^{-3}$
Grains distribution index (MRN) -3.5
Grains minimum radius $3.0 \times 10^{-7}~{\rm cm} $
Grains maximum radius $3.0 \times 10^{-5}~{\rm cm} $

References - MRN: Mathis et al. (1977).

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