Table 3: Summary of the results of spectral fits with two models: cut-off power law and thermal bremsstrahlung, both modified by photoelectric absorption. The fluxes are computed directly from the source counts and are thus independent of the adopted absorption; for comparison the flux of the Crab in the 20-50 keV energy band is $10^{-8}~{\rm erg~s^{-1}~cm^{-2}}$. The errors are at a 90% confidence level for one parameter of interest ( $\chi ^2_{{\rm min}}+2.7$).
parameter L1 H1 L2 H2 EI L3 H3
Cut-off power law          
$N_{\rm H}\; [10^{22}~ {\rm cm^{-2}}]$ $20\pm8$ $7.0\pm2.5$ 19-11+15 N/A N/A N/A $12\pm7$
Photon index $1.5\pm0.4$ $1.1\pm0.1$ $1.5\pm0.5$ $1.4\pm0.2$ $1.8\pm0.3$ $1.1\pm0.8$ $1.2\pm0.2$
$E_{\rm f}$ [keV] $\rm 31_{-8}^{+16}$ $25.5\pm2.5$ $\rm 39_{-13}^{+50}$ $\rm 28^{+7}_{-5}$ $\rm 35_{-10}^{+18}$ $\rm 25_{-9}^{+31}$ $\rm 29^{+5}_{-4}$
$\chi^2$/d.o.f. 218/197 232/220 240/205 36/43 64/51 74/65 197/195
$N_{\rm H}\; [10^{22}~ {\rm cm^{-2}}]$ $15\pm4 $ $10.4\pm1.5$ $15\pm9$ N/A N/A N/A $13\pm5$
kT [keV] $28\pm2 $ $33.3\pm1.5$ $37\pm4$ $28.5\pm1.0$ $25.1\pm1.3$ $35\pm4$ $32\pm1$
$\chi^2$/d.o.f. 220/198 240/221 240/206 36/44 68/52 62/44 198/196
flux(5-15 keV)* $2.9\pm0.2$ $7.47\pm0.15$ $2.3\pm0.5$ N/A N/A N/A $6.6\pm0.3$
flux(20-50 keV)* $2.9\pm0.1$ $8.2\pm0.1$ $2.9\pm0.1$ $8.8\pm0.1$ $1.96\pm0.04$ $4.0\pm0.2$ $7.29\pm0.07$

* In unity of $10^{-10}~{\rm erg~s^{-1}~cm^{-2}}$.

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