Table 1: The properties of the return currents. $\mathcal{F}_1$ stands for the initial flux of the 10 keV beam, $\alpha $ is the mean relative number of runaway return-current electrons in the Balmer lines formation region, and $E_{\rm R}$ stands for the typical energy of the return-current electrons in these layers. Both $\alpha $ and $E_{\rm R}$ are average quantities which can roughly characterize the return-current properties in the region of interest.
$\mathcal{F}_1 [10^{11}~{\rm erg~cm^{-2}~s^{-1}}]$ $\alpha $ $E_{\rm R}[{\rm eV}]$
4 0.01 100
6 0.05 14
8 0.11 6
10 0.16 3.8

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