Table 1: The definition of the characteristic parameters of the Ca II H profile for the peak sample (upper part) and the band sample (lower part) (see also Fig. 2). Wavelengths are in nm.
quantity: peak sample description
H3 core intensity
$H_{2{\rm v}}$ violet emission peak
$H_{2{\rm r}}$ red emission peak
V/R $H_{2{\rm v}}$/ $H_{2{\rm r}}$
emission strength $H_{2{\rm v}}$/H3
$\lambda$(H3) calcium core wavelength
$\lambda$( $H_{2{\rm v}}$) $H_{2{\rm v}}$ wavelength
$\lambda$( $H_{2{\rm r}}$) $H_{2{\rm r}}$ wavelength
quantity: band sample description
H-index 396.849 $\pm $ 0.050
H3 396.849 $\pm $ 0.008
$H_{2{\rm v}}$ 396.833 $\pm $ 0.008
$H_{2{\rm r}}$ 396.865 $\pm $ 0.008
W1 outer wing: 396.632 $\pm $ 0.005
W2 middle wing: 396.713 $\pm $ 0.010
W3 inner wing: 396.774 $\pm $ 0.010

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