Table 1: Main model parameters for the nominal case.
material Mg $_{\rm0.95}$Fe $_{\rm0.05}$SiO$_{\rm 3}$
porosity compact grains (P=0)
grain density 3.5 g cm-3
Disc ("field'' population)  
minimum size $s_{\rm min}=2~\mu$m
maximum size $s_{\rm max}=1$ cm
radial distribution Augereau et al. (2001)
optical thickness along radius  
in the midplane $\tau_{\rm\Vert}=0.022$
disc extension [20, 500] AU
Initial planetesimal debris  
minimum size $s_{\rm min,pl}=0.1~\mu$m
maximum size $s_{\rm max,pl}=1$ cm
size distribution (see Eq. (8)) $p_{\rm0,pl}=-3.5 $
initial mass of dust released M0=1020 g
distance from the star for  
the planetesimal breakup R0=20 AU
initial velocity of  
the center of the mass $v_0=1.1v_{\rm kep} $
Collisional prescription  
threshold energy, s0=1 cm Q*0=107 erg g-1
power-law index (Eq. (11)) pQ=-0.2
size distribution of debris (see Eq. (12))
    minimum size $s_{\rm min,col}=0.1~\mu$m
    power-law indexes for m<ms q1=1.5
    power-law indexes for $m \geq m_s$ q2=1.83
    position of the slope change $m_s=M_{\rm lf}/3$

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