Table 3: The median values for the 2-8 keV observed flux for each luminosity bin in the combined sample.
${{\rm Log}~L_{\rm X}}^1$ ${f_{\rm X}}^2$
42.7 $1.7\times10^{-15}$
43.6 $5.3\times10^{-15}$
44.5 $3.1\times10^{-14}$
45.2 $5.6\times10^{-14}$
1 Logarithm of the median value of 2-8 keV in units of  $\rm erg~s^{-1}$.
2 Median value of the 2-8 keV observed flux in units of  $\rm erg~cm^{-2}~s^{-1}$.

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