Table 1: Total number of events short-listed from the list published by Tripathi et al. (2004). The columns from left to right are: date of observation, time of observation (UT) at the arcades maximum emission at 195 Å heliographic location, direction of propagation of the brightening following the eruption and the speed of the propagation (km s-1) as measured from the EIT 195 Å absolute intensity images.
Date Time Heliograhic Direction of Speed
  UT Location Propagation km s-1
06-Dec.-1997 19:51 29N 43W NE-SW -
05-Jun.-1998 05:51 29S 16W SE-NW 25
18-Jun.-1998 05:20 35S 33W SE-NW -
18-Apr.-1999 11:36 17N 5W Both directions 34
      from center  
24-Jun.-1999 14:36 32N 8W SW-NE 32
13-Oct.-1999 12:36 43N 13W NE-SW  
04-Sep.-2000 08:12 25N 33W N-S 91
12-Sep.-2000 13:48 19S 06W Both directions 68
      from the center  
17-Nov.-2000 07:26 48S 24W W-E 24
20-Jul.-2001 05:36 20N 29W SW-NE 25
31-Jul.-2001 09:11 24S 04W NW-SE 43
31-Jul.-2001 12:55 33S 14W SE-NW 15
20-Dec.-2001 04:36 34S 48E S-N 35
02-Mar.-2002 19:41 29S 79E S-N 111
15-Sep.-2002 23:48 32N 65E NE-SW 50
24-Nov.-2002 22:24 18N 38E S-N 104
21-Dec.-2002 05:48 39N 12E SW-NE 13

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