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Article Contents
1 Introduction
2 The Galactic stellar warp
3 The stellar warp as traced by RC stars
4 The stellar warp as traced by RGB stars
5 The Galactic flare
6 The warped and flared Galactic disk and the connection with stellar over-densities
7 Galactic structure to $R{_{\rm GC} =20}$ kpc in the outer Galaxy: what do we expect?
8 Discussion and conclusions
Appendix A: The absence of peculiar CMa radial velocity signature
Appendix B: The possible shortage of an old ($\ge $9 Gyr) and metal poor CMa stellar population
Appendix C: The negative vertical velocity of the Canis Major
Appendix D: The "narrowness'' of CMa main sequence
Appendix E: CMa and the Orion arm connection

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