Table 1: Overview of the measured and observed parameters from the data taken on June 13th 2001 as part of JOP144 in the 171 Å passband. L is the length of the observed footpoint, ${\it w}$ is the average footpoint width, ${\it w_{\rm d}}$ is the divergence rate of the loop footpoint, $A_{\min}{-} A_{\max}$ is the range of intensity variation in amplitude above the background, $P_{\rm prop}$ indicates the dominant period found by wavelet analysis, v is an estimate of the propagation speed of the oscillation (where ${\it O}$ indicates the order of the propagation speed) and $L_{\rm d}$ is the length along each footpoint that the oscillation could be detected.
No. Time (UT) (x,y) L (Mm) ${\it w}$ (Mm) ${\it w_{\rm d}}$ $A_{\min}{-}A_{\max} (\%)$ $P_{\rm prop}$ (s) v (km s-1) $L_{\rm d}$ (Mm)
1 0057 (270,196) 13.7 3.1 0.114 2.8-9.2 350 ${\it O}(95)$ 5.7
2 0138 (276,198) 12.8 3.4 0.132 2.8-11.4 390 ${\it O}(105)$ 7.2

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