Table 7: Parameter keywords used for the -TAB algorithm.
Keyword Use Default
PS i_ ${\tt0}{\it a\/}$ table extension name ( EXTNAME) --
PV i_ ${\tt 1}{\it a\/}$ table version number ( EXTVER) 1
PV i_ ${\tt 2}{\it a\/}$ table level number ( EXTLEVEL) 1
PS i_ ${\tt 1}{\it a\/}$ column name for the coordinate  
  array ( TTYPEn1) --
PS i_ ${\tt 2}{\it a\/}$ column name for the indexing  
  vector ( TTYPEn2) no index
PV i_ ${\tt 3}{\it a\/}$ axis number (m) in array PS i_ ${\tt 1}{\it a\/}$ 1

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