Table 4: Times for the different phases in the evolution of the perturbed jet models. $t_{\rm lin}$: end of linear phase (the amplitudes of the different quantities are not constant any longer). $t_{\rm sat}$: end of saturation phase (the amplitude of the transverse speed perturbation reaches its maximum). $t_{\rm mix}$: the tracer starts to spread. $t_{\rm peak}$: the peak in the amplitude of the pressure perturbation is reached. $t_{\rm mex}$: the jet has transferred to the ambient 1% of its initial momentum. $\Delta _{\rm peak}$: relative value of pressure oscillation amplitude at the peak of pressure perturbation (see Fig. 3).
\hline\hline {\rm ...
...5 & 510 & 300 & 275 & 320 & 2 \\

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