Table 1: Equilibrium parameters of different simulated jet models. The meaning of the symbols is as follows. $\gamma $: jet flow Lorentz factor; $\varepsilon $: specific internal energy; $c_{\rm s}$: sound speed; p: pressure; $\nu $: jet-to-ambient relativistic rest mass density contrast; $\eta $: jet-to-ambient enthalpy contrast; Mj: jet relativistic Mach number; k0,1,2,3: excited longitudinal wavenumbers. Labels a and j refer to ambient medium and jet, respectively. All the quantities in the table are expressed in units of the ambient density $\rho _{0a}$, the speed of light c, and the jet radius Rj.
\begin{array}{c\vert cc\vert ccccccc\vert...
...0.78 & 1.57 & 2.36 & 3.14 \\

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