Table 5: Kinematic data and age determinations ( $\tau _{\rm iso}$). The top half of the table contains information about coordinates (from the Hipparcos Catalogue, ESA 1997), and radial velocities of the program stars (from the SIMBAD database). All coordinates used are for equinox 1950. The lower section shows the velocity data obtained, along with evolutionary ages. The last row gives the stellar mass derived from the evolutionary tracks (Method 1).
  HD 23249 HD 198149 HD 222404 HD 10780 HD 4628 HD 201091
l ( ${\hbox{$^\circ$ }}$) 198.09 97.87 118.99 129.09 121.51 82.32
b ( ${\hbox{$^\circ$ }}$) -46.00 11.64 15.32 1.66 -57.58 -5.82
$\pi$ (mas) $110.58\pm0.88$ $69.73\pm0.49$ $72.50\pm0.52$ $100.24\pm0.68$ $134.04\pm0.86$ $287.13\pm1.51$
$\mu_{\alpha}$ $\cos \delta$ (mas) $-91.71\pm0.98$ $86.08\pm0.44$ $-48.85\pm0.48$ $582.05\pm0.43$ $758.04\pm0.73$ $4155.10\pm0.95$
$\mu_{\delta}$ (mas) $742.23\pm0.92$ $817.89\pm0.39$ $127.18\pm0.44$ $-246.83\pm0.55$ $-1141.22\pm0.57$ $3258.90\pm1.19$
vr (km s-1) $-6.1\pm0.9$ $-87.3\pm0.9$ $-42.4\pm0.9$ $2.8\pm2.0$ $-12.6\pm2.0$ $-64.3\pm0.9$
U (km s-1) $-23.5\pm0.7$ $-45.1\pm0.5$ $11.3\pm0.6$ $-34.9\pm1.3$ $-10.5\pm0.7$ $-104.1\pm0.6$
V (km s-1) $21.5\pm0.7$ $-102.3\pm1.1$ $-42.7\pm1.0$ $-21.5\pm1.7$ $-54.0\pm1.1$ $-58.5\pm1.1$
W (km s-1) $5.7\pm0.8$ $3.8\pm0.5$ $-9.8\pm0.5$ $-12.7\pm0.4$ $-18.5\pm1.7$ $-15.2\pm0.4$
S (km s-1) $32.4\pm0.7$ $111.9\pm1.0$ $45.3\pm0.9$ $42.9\pm1.4$ $58.1\pm1.2$ $120.4\pm0.7$
$\tau _{\rm iso}$ (Gyr) $6\pm1$ $2.5\pm0.3$ $2.2\pm0.2$ $6\pm4$ $3\pm1.5$ 10 +5-6
M ($M_{\odot}$) 1.2 1.6 1.7 0.9 0.8 0.6

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