Table 4: Peak values of the FWHM inside the compact H II region #70 derived from the PMAS and MPFS data.

Emission line
${\it FWHM}_{\rm peak}$

He II   $\lambda 4686$
- $\sim $30 km s-1
H $\beta~\lambda 4861$ $\sim $80 (30$^{\ast}$) km s-1 $\sim $80 km s-1
[O III $]~ \lambda 4959$ - $\sim $30 km s-1
[O III $]~\lambda 5007$ $\sim $30 km s-1 $\sim $80 km s-1
H $\alpha~\lambda6563$ - $\sim $30 km s-1
[S II $]~\lambda 6716$ - $\sim $200 km s-1 $^{\ast \ast}$
$^{\ast}$ Peak value inside the H II but outside the He II region.
$^{\ast \ast}$ Probably blended with [S II  $\lambda6731$].

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