Table 3: Parameters used in our numerical model for fitting the observations (from Campbell & Synnott 1985; Anderson et al. 1996; Schubert et al. 1994). The masses are given in Solar mass, the Jovian equatorial radius Er in ua and the angles in degrees.
Mass of Jupiter 9.54594307716659D-004
Mass of Io 4.491666410348056D-008
Mass of Europa 2.411981912350972D-008
Mass of Ganymede 7.450567670228471D-008
Mass of Callisto 5.409660246012525D-008
Er 0.477266151384435377D-03
J2 14736.D-06
J4 -587.D-06
J6 31.D-06
$\psi$ 358.070068991729D0
I 25.5020491751445D0

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