Table 2: Initial conditions at the Julian epoch 2 433 282.5 (01/01/1950, 0H00 TT) found after fitting our numerical model to the observations. The positions are given in ua and the velocities in
Satellite x y z
Position of satellite 1 4.47405235156112D-004 2.51989505969945D-003 1.20670250327510D-003
Velocity of satellite 1 -9.85334458832106D-003 1.46666378156222D-003 5.44398473842365D-004
Position of satellite 2 4.08484461403317D-003 -1.66462715047058D-003 -7.66961556087399D-004
Velocity of satellite 2 3.18714874103322D-003 6.55397183406843D-003 3.18110066033521D-003
Position of satellite 3 6.92323766363975D-003 1.60154528519437D-003 8.65919936373061D-004
Velocity of satellite 3 -1.59586071548198D-003 5.50387398136773D-003 2.57262241916467D-003
Position of satellite 4 1.15719001011125D-002 -4.31248259965894D-003 -1.91365598907131D-003
Velocity of satellite 4 1.81164489059991D-003 3.97862672782925D-003 1.91426607537922D-003

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